Newsflash Plus is a full featured Usenet binary reader providing unbeatable performance. It handles high volumes of data gracefully and provides maximum throughput at all times. Newsflash Plus fully integrates to your existing tools, media players, archive managers and such and the embedded Python engine makes sure that you never run out of features!

Get maximum value for your Usenet account. Get Newsflash Plus!

Screenshot of integrated search INTEGRATED SEARCH
Tired of skimming NZB sites hoping to find something useful? Newsflash Plus comes with integrated search to download content easily and fast. Just search and download!

Screenshot of browsing FAST BROWSING
Large groups choking up PC? No more! Newsflash Plus preprocesses all headers resulting in very fast load and search times even when dealing with high volume groups!

Screenshot of current downloads FULL DOWNLOAD CONTROL
Want to get that one binary extra fast? No problem, boost it! Newsflash Plus features complete download management down to single download and connection level.

Screenshot of tool integration and file view TOOL INTEGRATION
We know that you have that special media player or that special image viewer that you want to use. Newsflash Plus integrates to your existing tools and is able to launch them for you just the way you want with a single click. No more searching for downloaded binaries because everything is at your finger tips.

Newsflash Plus embeds Python scripting engine and provides an easy to hook API even for beginners to write their own custom processing. Want to copy your downloaded binaries to some special place based on the file name pattern? No problem, easy as one two three.

Newsflash Plus comes with a number of useful scripts to do automatic UNRAR and PAR2 repair, load music files into various music players and view downloaded photos etc.

New to Python? Read about Python or check out the example script.

2009-2011 Copyright Ensisoft

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